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1. There will be volunteers directing people in the parking lots as they arrive. We ask that everyone cooperate with those volunteers to ensure safety and to avoid parking violations.

2. Parking and making U-turns are PROHIBITED in the development across Triangle Road from the complex. If someone misses the entrance they should proceed to the next MAJOR intersection to turn around. Be advised that Hillsborough PD will ticket any violators entering the Majestic Knolls development.

3. We urge everyone to car pool as much as possible. While we have ample parking, if every family brings their own car (or two) we WILL have parking issues.

4. Grill use is not permitted at the complex.

5. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. Smoking is also prohibited on the grounds.

6. We welcome everyone to bring their tents and chairs to set up their “base camp” for the day. Please do not place tents at the top of the hills on the west side of the complex nearest the homes. Our continued ability to host our tournaments is contingent on our being good neighbors to those living around the complex.

7. Spectators are not permitted on the team side of the field. Only coaches and players are permitted on the team side of the field.

8. Tournament t-shirts will be on sale.

9. Lastly and most important, remember that the main goal of the tournament is to have fun and enjoy a great day of lacrosse. We ask that all spectators be supportive of their teams and coaches, as well as those of their opponents, and to respect the judgment of the game officials. Derogatory comments directed at any player, coach, parent or official will not be tolerated and will be grounds for dismissal from the facility. Don’t be THAT GUY or THAT GAL !