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"All Kids Need is a Little Help, a Little Hope and SOMEBODY Who Believes in Them" ~Magic Johnson


Coaches Contract:

The purpose of this contract is to outline our goals for the season and establish expectations for all involved.  As coaches and parents, we are in a responsible position to influence the development of our youth by acting as positive role models on and off the field.  As players, we are responsible to play by the rules and to respect the players on our own team as well as those we compete against.


Coaches Agree To:

  • I will facilitate a healthy learning environment for my team.
  • I will focus my attention on improving the progress our team makes regarding effort and teamwork, in addition to the outcome of the game and our record.
  • I understand that my behavior sets the tone for this team and will do my best to instill a positive attitude in all my players.
  • When faced with a difficult situation with an athlete, coach, parent or official, I will conduct myself in a manner that represents our program, town and sport well.


Coaches must satisfy ALL of the following requirements: